New full outfit in 2 colors for women - 26 March 2015

2 new releases at GothiCatz this week. "Dotty" full outfit is composed by rigged mesh tunic dress in 5 standard sizes, matching high heel boots and necklace both mesh with menu driven resizers.
In 2 color versions  Purple and Blue.

Also available online - SL Marketplace


New GothiCatz " Jinx " - 13 March 2015

For those who loved the outfit " Jodi"  here is a new version with awesome textures and colors!

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Also online
 (SL Marketplace)


New Rigged Mesh dresses - Amani - SPECIAL PRICE until the end of this weekend March 8.

New Rigged Mesh dresses in 6 stunning color combinations.
Perfect fit, Amani comes in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL).
SPECIAL DISCOUNTED price until the end of this weekend March 8th and only at the store in world.


GothiCatz Milena and Ode - new releases Feb 26th - 2015

Two new releases this week! Rigged Mesh female and male full outfits.

also available at the online store


FREE gifts! - Love Sets - 10 Feb 2015

Valentine's Edition!
Sexy LIMITED TIME FREE GIFTS (this time for girls) at the store!

Special free gifts for customers / group members is tradition at GothiCatz! 
This time celebrating our 8th Valentine's Day!
Grab your super sexy "Love Sets" while they are up!!!

Love sets in 2 colors - Rigged Mesh apron in 5 standard sizes and matching system panties. 

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New GothiCatz - Scilla dresses Feb 5th - 2015

Gorgeous one shoulder sparkly long dresses with sexy cut outs. Wear with or without the sheer underwear top, included.
Perfect fit, rigged Mesh in 5 standard sizes - XS,S,M,L,XL

Also available online - SL Marketplace
Scilla (champagne gold)
Scilla (shimmer rose)
Scilla (silver blue)
Scilla (starry black)


New GothiCatz - Chloe - 15 Jan 2015

Another full outfit for girls is out!

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Also available online


Happy 2015!!! New releases Zandro and Jodi - 8 Jan 2015

Awesome outfits to start the new year! 

Very cool urban look for men with rigged mesh padded coat with cargo pants - all in 5 standard sizes.
Mesh high top leather sneakers with menu driven resizes. 

Street style for girls with rigged mesh knotted tee top in 5 sizes, system skinny jeans and check shirt tied around the waist in 5 sizes. Mesh high top sneakers with menu driven resizes.
Highly detailed peaces with amazing fit and super versatile - must have!!!

Teleport to GOTHICATZ now!

Outfits also available online SL Marketplace: 
Zandro  /  Jodi


New GothiCatz for girls - Isadora - 17 Dec 2014

Another wonderful full outfit for girls!
Rigged mesh padded coat to keep you warm this winter. Skinny jeans and mesh boots.

Teleport to GothiCatz store in SL or buy it online .


New GothiCatz full outfit - Posy

New full outfit for women is out!

Extended the Free Gifts for a couple of days more. TP the store and grab yours if you still didn't !


New GothiCatz - Dec 4 - Tove

Another full outfit for girls is out today! 
Rigged Mesh parka in 5 sizes, system skinny jeans and tank top and mesh boots with menu driven resizer. 

Teleport to GothiCatz

Buy it online

- The FREE gifts are still up at the store until this weekend!
Last chance to get yours if you still didn't!


GIFT TIME ! Thank You !!!

Dear GothiCatz customers,

I'm taking the opportunity to Thank You so much for the continued support over the years. 
Its been almost 8 years already of phenomenal success in Second Life with GothiCatz store thanks to valuable loyal customers and newcomers! 
Thank You for choosing GothiCatz and being amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

♡ Looloo Beck

Here are two little gifts - male and female rigged mesh loungewear, set as FREE GIFTS at the store.

I was nominated for Avi Choice Fashion Award, in the 

Link below. Just scrow down to find the categories an vote GothiCatz!

Avi Choice Awards - Vote!

Thank You!!!
♡ Looloo Beck


New GothiCatz - Misty and Ryu - 19 Nov 2014

Due to the great success of "Anjulia", here is another one. The top got a beautiful lavender / periwinkle color and delicate texture.
This time the outfit comes with new style shorts (slim leg and longer) and high heel matching wrinkled boots.

And for men, Ryu, come with pin striped cargos, system shirt in all layer options and 2 colors (purple and teal) with cuff attachments and cowl scarves/collars that can be combined as picture shows.

Outfits also available online - SL Marketplace
Misty  -  Ryu 


New GothiCatz - 6 Nov - 2014 - Anjulia

New GothiCatz outfit for girls is awesome and comes with boots!

Rigged Mesh shorts and crop ruffled edge top in 5 standard sizes; sheer leggings and matching boots with menu driven resizes. Must have outfit with super versatile pieces! 

Also available online.


The Little Pumpkin Dress - Limited Time FREE gift at the store Oct 28th

This week I decided to put the new release up as a free gift - girls only this time! Hope you love it!!!
Its gonna be up as free item only until Halloween!

Teleport to GothiCatz

Don't forget to check out the last releases! 
The unisex Ghost Costume/avatar is still up as free item at the store. 


It's almost Halloween! FREE gift at the GothiCatz!

Come grab yours while its up!!!

more coming soon! 


1st Halloween themed outfit 2014 for girls - Sonnet Oct 15th

This week: Rigged mesh corset dress in 5 sizes and two versions - clean and bloody. Gorgeous realistic textures! Visit the store for more.

* model wears skins by League.

Also available online - SL Marketplace.

Stay tuned for Free group members gifts this month. 
Subscribe to GothiCatz Updates Group by touching one of the kiosks at the store.


New this week! Kai and Fabula - male and female outfits!

True black outfit composed by must have pieces! Rigged mesh pea coat (5 sizes); 2 shirt fronts/collars (plain grey and stripes), system black leather pants with cuffs; mesh leather gloves.
Menu driven resizes for unrigged attachments.

And for the girls, the gorgeous rigged mesh rolled neck sleeveless mini dress with belt in 2 stunning tones (rosè and bordeaux) in 5 sizes. System second skin long sleeved underwear tops in all layer options with matching panties (in two tones).

Visit the store in world for these and much more : 

New releases also available at GothiCatz online - SL Marketplace:
Kai   -   Fabula

Coming soon: Halloween gifts for group members and much more. Stay tuned! ^^


Wicked GothiCatz! Oct 3rd - 2014

This week: Rigged Mesh leather minidress in 5 standard sizes + matching Mesh boots!

Visit the store : Teleport to GothiCatz

SL Marketplace online: Wicked (black) / Wicked (grape)


NEW GothiCatz for girls! Twisted - 25 Sep 2014

Rigged Mesh zip up mini dresses in 5 standard sizes and matching necklace with resizer menu.

Visut the store - Teleport to GOTHICATZ

Products also available online on SL Marketplace


NEW for men! GothiCatz ShockWave - 18 Sep 2014

 Awesome new release for men at GothiCatz today! 
ShockWave is composed by rigged mesh camp cargos (in 5 standard sizes), mesh beanie with resizer menu and system t-shirt in 2 colors, red and black in layer options.
Only must have pieces! ^^
Visit the store - teleport to GothiCatz
or buy online.


New female outfit - GothiCatz - IDontCare

Rigged Mesh ripped crop top and shorts with belt and suspenders in 5 sizes.
Fishnet top and stockings.
Rockers, punks, darks, goths, post apocs - Love this look! 

or buy it online

* skin League, hair Truth, jewelry JeSuis, boots Threeeighty (at GothiCatz 1st floor)


Hi everyone!
Its surprising how even in this Mesh / Fitted Mesh era I'm still getting lots of requests of making more of those classic system outfits in male and female versions. They've always been big hits at GothiCatz since we started this trend years ago and I'm glad people still loves them cause matching couples rock!!! 

Also available ONLINE - SL Marketplace


New releases of the week 
Invitation sets : corset and lacy briefs in 6 colors.
Mesh and Fitted Mesh included in 5 sizes.

Teleport to GothiCatz

Also available at GothiCatz online.


2 summer sets - Heatwave and TikiParty

Awesome summer sets Heatwave and TikiParty with over bikini crop top and micro shorts - mesh and fitted mesh versions (5 sizes)  included and sunglasses accessory for hanging.

Also available at the ONLINE store - SL Marketplace - Heatwave and TikiParty


GothiCatz FREE GIFT for men! 14 Aug 2014

AWESOME Limited Time Summer FREE GIFTS for men this week.
Teleport to GothiCatz and grab yours @ male section while you can!

 Aloha (blue and coral) rigged mesh beach shorts.


Limited Time FREE Gift ! - 7 Aug 2014

This week's outfit is FREE @ female section!

Join the Updates Group by touching one of the subscription boards at the store.
(it's an online group and won't take a group slot)
Don't forget to bring your friends! 


New GothiCatz July 31th - Cake and Alison

This week's new releases:

Cake - rigged mesh dress with beautiful 3 pink shades included. A delight for the eyes!
Comes in 5 standard sizes. 

Alison - rigged mesh knotted shirt (5 standard sizes included), tank top in all layer options, capri jeans (as pants layer) with sculpted cuffs (resizer menu). Beautiful textures and perfect fitting in this very sexy casual outfit.

TELEPORT to GothiCatz store in SL.

Outfits also available at ONLINE - SL Marketplace:


New releases for girls - Calla, Blythe and Sirena - July 18th

This week 3 awesome off shoulder mini dress sets.
Mesh and Fitted Mesh options included in 5 standard sizes, leggings in layer options.

Value Pack - available at the store in world ONLY!
One is Free! Get 3 and pay 2! :)

Also available at the ONLINE store - except the Value Pack.
Calla  .  Blythe  .  Sirena