New GothiCatz - Lua - HUD controlled 6 colors. Nov 26

New release this week: Lua - Fitted mesh tank dress with belt in 5 sizes 
(+ extra versions Belleza, Maitreya and Slink Physique)*.
Hud controlled with 6 pastel tones to choose from.

Teleport to GothiCatz 

*  Because Maitreya and Belleza don't not provide the base shape, you may have to do tiny adjusts to your shape and use your mesh body alpha hud to fit the dress right.

Also available online - SL Marketplace.


New GothiCatz : Frika and Eden - Nov 12

This week, 2 new releases for women:

SL Marketplace - ONLINE:


New GothiCatz! Happy Halloween! Oct 29 - 2015

New release of the week is a new version of Nimue in black and purple. Witch! 
Rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes with base, system fingerless gloves and fishnet top.

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Buy it ONLINE 

And don't miss the discounted and FREE Halloween outfits available at the store ONLY this week!
New items added today.


Halloween 2015 GothiCatz

Halloween season at GothiCatz is officially open!

New release of the week: 
Mystica - Beautiful themed dress with belt in 5 sizes (Rigged Mesh and Fitted Mesh included).

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I'm setting a big panel with FREE and Discounted items from past years in case you missed them.


New @ GothiCatz - Roxy - Oct 1st

New release! Full outfit for girls composed by knit bat wing cardigan with fur (rigged mesh in 5 sizes); leather mini dress (rigged mesh 5 sizes); highly detailed fishnet leggings (system layer); punk studded stiletto boots (mesh with menu driven resizers).  Fashionable pieces to be worn together or separately composing unique looks!

Also available online . SL Marketplace


New @ GothiCatz - full outfit for men "Signor" - Sep 17th

New full outfit for men is out at GothiCatz.
Rigged Mesh elegant outfit (coat, vest, shirt, trousers and belt)  in one piece, comes in all 5 standard sizes.  Mesh matching formal shoes with menu driven resizers.

Teleport to GothiCatz now!

SL Marketplace buy ONLINE


New GothiCatz - "Reliquia"

New full outfit for girls in a more gothic/dark style.
The blouse is Rigged Mesh in 5 sizes, boots and neck accessory with menu driven resizers and system leggings in layer options.

Don't miss the FREE gift still available at the store! :)    Teleport to GothiCatz   

buy online 


New @ GothiCatz! Another amazing Free Gift + New release for girls!

There is a Limited Time FREE gift at the store this week! 
Rigged mesh GothiCatz Promo babydoll lingerie in 5 sizes. 
Yummy color, super sexy and GothiCatz! ^^

If you like it you can also buy for a great price the HUD Controlled product with 8 stunning versions!

         Also available online


New GothiCatz - Fitted Mesh HUD controlled - Shae

Fitted Mesh strapless mini dress in 5 standard sizes - HUD controlled - 8 fabrics!
+ 3 extra version for mesh bodies Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.

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New GothiCatz for Men - Overdrive (HUD controlled) July 30th

New Rigged mesh outfit for men with checked cargo shorts in 5 standard sizes and hooded T-shirt also in 5 sizes with a HUD that allows you to change through 8 colors/prints.
It will give you many options and you change in one click!!! 

This item will be added to GothiCatz store on Marketplace online as soon as the migration 
to MVV completes.

EDIT: already available on Marketplace ONLINE


New GothiCatz - July 23 - Blaire (HUD controlled)

New release of this week is a "must have" for the girls who love getting multiple combinations from one outfit.
The camo mini shorts go with all 8 tops available in the HUD. Change looks in one click!

Blaire is composed by camo shorts with belt/suspenders and HUD controlled ripped crop top with 5 awesome fabrics to choose from. All rigged mesh and in 5 standard sizes. 

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Also avalable online (SL MP)


New ! HUD controlled romper suit - Fierce!

New release of the week is this super versatile HUD controlled rigged mesh strapless romper suit. It comes in 5 sizes and 8 animal print fabrics you change in 1 click!  You buy one and get 8! ^^

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And the awesome Summer FREE gifts male and female are still up at the store - until this weekend!!!
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Limited Time Summer FREE GIFTS!

Awesome limited time summer FREE gifts are up at the store! 
Male and female rigged mesh matching beach wear!

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GothiCatz new dresses Nimue (blue and red)

Stunning rigged mesh dresses (5 sizes included) with gloves in delightful colors blue and red.

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Also available ONLINE (sl marketplace)


New GothiCatz - Chanter and Hyper

2 new releases this week. The full outfit Chantrea composed by rigged mesh skirt overall with bralet, a set of system fishnet top and crop leggings in clothing and tattoo layer options, super fashionable mesh heel-less platform boots and silver choker with menu driven resizers.
This has become one of my favorite outfits of this year so far.

And for men, attending to requests, a new version of "Cyclone"system outfit now with 3/4 sleeves tee added to the set, shirt in layer options with sculpted collar and rolled up sleeves, highly detailed jeans with sculpted cuffs. Attachments with menu driven resizers (deletable).

Products also available ONLINE - SL Marketplace
Chantrea  /  Hyper 


New GothiCatz May 28 th - Louella and Hyper

Another full outfit for girls is out!     Teleport to GothiCatz

Also available ONLINE


New GothiCatz - Aviva - 6 spring mini dresses with flats.

This week: 6 sets of Rigged Mesh spring minidresses with matching ballerina flats.

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Also on SL Marketplace - GothiCatz online store


NEW Mesh male shoes @ GothiCatz 2nd floor - FUSION

New Mesh male shoes at GothiCatz 2nd floor!   FUSION - in 5 colors.
Best quality - excellent price!

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2 new GothiCatz full outfits! Taboo and JinJu

This week: 2 super gorgeous full outfits for women.
Check them out at the store:

Taboo - Rigged Mesh dress in 5 sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) with system sheer underwear top, gorgeous mesh boots and bangles with driven resizers. Unique and stunning look for night or day!

JinJu - Rigged mesh jacket and mini skirt, each in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL), system underwear bodice and sheer leggings, mesh wrinkled boots with menu driven resizers.
Fabulous look with great versatile pieces!

Also available at the online store ( GothiCatz Taboo - GothiCatz JinJu)


New GothiCatz - Parvanah dresses - April 23th

Parvanah dresses in 4 stunning versions: daylight, darkforest, delirium and nocturne.
They are rigged mesh with gorgeous butterflies attached to them and come in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) and alpha layer.

Products also available ONLINE


GothiCatz - new FREE GIFTS!! 10 April 2015

I know you loved the lounge wear sets released as limited time FREE gifts a few months ago so I did new versions - male and female - this time they come with awesome pantoufles!

Just because I love my GothiCatz loyal customers and everybody loves great free gifts! :D
Its been 8 years already in Second Life - thank you for being AWESOME!
Looloo Beck - Gothicatz

Rush because they will be FREE  for 3 days ONLY UNTIL THIS WEEKEND IS OVER!


New full outfits - male and female! Bran and Dasha. 2 April 2015

Get them at the store : Teleport to GothiCatz

GothiCatz Dasha for girls: Rigged Mesh top and micro shorts with belt, each come in all 5 standard sizes (XS,S, M,L,XL); system sheer stockings, gorgeous boots and necklace, both with menu driven resizers.  Also available online .

GothiCatz Bran for men: Composed by Rigged Mesh hooded t-shirt in all 5 standard sizes (XS,S, M,L,XL); highly detailed thorn leather system pants with mesh cuffs (resizable via menu); system second skin black top in layer options; mesh high top leather sneakers and necklace, both with menu driven resizers. Also available online.


New full outfit in 2 colors for women - 26 March 2015

2 new releases at GothiCatz this week. "Dotty" full outfit is composed by rigged mesh tunic dress in 5 standard sizes, matching high heel boots and necklace both mesh with menu driven resizers.
In 2 color versions  Purple and Blue.

Also available online - SL Marketplace


New GothiCatz " Jinx " - 13 March 2015

For those who loved the outfit " Jodi"  here is a new version with awesome textures and colors!

Teleport to GothiCatz

Also online
 (SL Marketplace)


New Rigged Mesh dresses - Amani - SPECIAL PRICE until the end of this weekend March 8.

New Rigged Mesh dresses in 6 stunning color combinations.
Perfect fit, Amani comes in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL).
SPECIAL DISCOUNTED price until the end of this weekend March 8th and only at the store in world.


GothiCatz Milena and Ode - new releases Feb 26th - 2015

Two new releases this week! Rigged Mesh female and male full outfits.

also available at the online store


FREE gifts! - Love Sets - 10 Feb 2015

Valentine's Edition!
Sexy LIMITED TIME FREE GIFTS (this time for girls) at the store!

Special free gifts for customers / group members is tradition at GothiCatz! 
This time celebrating our 8th Valentine's Day!
Grab your super sexy "Love Sets" while they are up!!!

Love sets in 2 colors - Rigged Mesh apron in 5 standard sizes and matching system panties. 

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New GothiCatz - Scilla dresses Feb 5th - 2015

Gorgeous one shoulder sparkly long dresses with sexy cut outs. Wear with or without the sheer underwear top, included.
Perfect fit, rigged Mesh in 5 standard sizes - XS,S,M,L,XL

Also available online - SL Marketplace
Scilla (champagne gold)
Scilla (shimmer rose)
Scilla (silver blue)
Scilla (starry black)